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Adventure travel by raft

Same build, drive yourself, enjoy yourself

In Romania, there is a very dense network of rivers. One of the longest rivers is the Alt / Olt. It originates from the Eastern Carpathians, runs through half of Transylvania, squeezes through the Southern Carpathians and ultimately leads to the Danube. Let us gemeinstam an unforgettable experience on this river have! The freedom you enjoy this journey is unique and a must for the adventurous.


Day 1: Arrival / transfer to the raft building site

We meet in Sibiu / Hermannstadt. From there, transfer, according to Augustine, where we will build the raft on the banks of the Old / Olt. First, we will receive from the rafters team and “proper” welcomed. Here we will build our outdoor raft camp for the next two nights. Dinner is cooked on the campfire and we of course stay in the tent.

Day 2: building a raft and raft baptism

We start the day with a “Dracula” breakfast. Then we can start building a raft with clenched forces. The building material is ready in the Alt / Olt. We build using the instructions of the rafters our raft. Action, fun and adrenaline are guaranteed! After verrichteter work our raft was baptized in a festive atmosphere. Then time for a bath in the river, during our dinner will be prepared by the campfire. We spend the night in the tent.

Day 3: First day on the raft

After breakfast we raft loose on our raft construction site. Now the real adventure begins. Around the so-called ghost forest we ride the Alt / Olt on his upper middle reaches. Our outdoor equipment and our luggage to be transported by car via the mainland. The rafters manage our raft with oars. If we offend against rock, our human powers useful to us, because we have a good breakfast. In the afternoon, we will create and walk to the village nights, where we experience the evening bustle. On Alt-shore we set up our camp, collect wood and boil campfire. For a good mood, among other things, makes a glass of schnapps.

Day 4: Second day on the Alt / Olt

Today’s ride is somewhat quieter. We enjoy the silent gliding along the river. Who dares and lust, has today must also try to take control into their own hands. The rafters help. We learn about the history of rafting. In the evening we go to the region around Hoghiz on land, a place of strategic importance in the Middle Ages. In a meadow we build our tents and make the campfire. After dinner, followed by a cozy togetherness.

Day 5: Day Three on the Alt / Olt

It goes on! However, we adhere to from time to time in order to perceive the lives of local residents. On the raft there are enough seats and a plane spanned protects us from the sun and rain. In the evening we rebuild our camp, with “timber service,” campfire care, cooking, etc. – in short, everything that belongs to the outdoor life Overnight in tents.

Day 6: Day Four on the Alt / Olt

Today we enter the final stage on the raft. After a “regular” breakfast we take the raft after Halmeag that we will reach in the afternoon. Today anyone can once again be at the helm and rafters. Of course, always under the supervision of the correct rafters. At dinner we reminisce in the moonlight our adventure together. We stay at the tent.

Day 7: raft removal, transfer back to Sibiu / Hermannstadt

After the last “rafters” breakfast we can lend a hand, because today our raft is broken down into its component parts and removed. In the late morning we drive about two hours back to Sibiu / Hermannstadt. Here we visit the city thoroughly, and then there is the farewell dinner and they must Rejoice in your rafters certificate! You then take their journey home.



The tour is feasible only in normal water level.

For unsuitable weather conditions (too small or too high water level, thunderstorms, etc.) we reserve the right to change the sequence corresponding to or adapt.

The form and nature of the travel stay reserve (outdoor tent tour).

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