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Celebrate Christmas in Transylvania

Discover the Romanian Christmas traditions

If you haven’t decided yet where to spend your Christmas holidays, we heartily recommend you to discover Sibiu. You can feel the medieval atmosphere of the city and enjoy the Christmas market from the historic square. There are day trips organized in the region so you can experience Transylvania better.


Day 1: Arrival in Sibiu

We land in Sibiu, a city that is located in Transylvania and has a special, historical charm. In Transylvania lived the most of the German population and even today you will find here the most German speaking residents. From Sibiu we will take a day trip, so we discover the environment and can enthrall us of the riches of Transylvania.

Day 2: Day trip to Brasov

After we eat breakfast, we travel to Brasov, which is 140 km from Sibiu away. There we will take a walk through the old town, which is an important point of the large central square (Piata Sfatului). Here is the Black Church with the impressive, mechanical organ, the White Tower and the old town hall.
After the pleasant walk through Brasov we drive to Bran Castle, which is also known as Dracula Castle. Here you will be surprised and enjoy the mystery of the ancient walls. This castle is a symbol of movies, quotes or descriptions that refer to Dracula.
Then we drive back to Sibiu and enjoy dinner in the old town.

Day 3: Sibiu

In Sibiu we will take a city tour, experience the old town and find out the story behind this beautiful city. Sibiu has three squares that cannot wait to be discovered right in the city center. It is easy to discover this and be enveloped in the cityscape.
The highlight of the day is the Christmas market, which is organized annually on the historic square. This is surrounded by the Catholic Church with the Southern facade; next to the church is the first town hall of the city. The Brukenthal Museum is on the west side of the square. If you want to enjoy the whole area from above, you can do so from the Council Tower or from the tower of the Lutheran Cathedral, which is easy for the eye to the Huet Square with its imposing size.

Day 4: Day trip to Sibiel

Sibiel is a village that is very close to Sibiu. Here we will experience the traditions that take place in Romania on Christmas Day. Our program for today will look like this:
In the morning at 7:00 to 8:30 we will go to church in the village
Then we will have breakfast in a farm. There are traditional dishes and delicious, which is produced by the farmers in the region.
At noon, we will enjoy and sing traditional carols.
At noon we will enjoy a traditional Romanian Christmas dinner
Then we will return to Sibiu and end the first day of Christmas in peace.

Day 5: Day trip to Alba Iulia

We will have breakfast at the hotel and then go towards to Alba Iulia. In Alba Iulia we find the Alba Carolina citadel, built in Vauban style, at the beginning of the XVIII. century and served as a strategic point of defense of the fortification of the Habsburg Empire before the military efforts of the Ottoman Empire. The castle played an important role in the history of Romania.
To experience the uniqueness of the castle, after learning the key points of Romanian History, we will take a carriage ride through the citadel. This immerses us in the medieval world which we enjoy and where we can relax.
We drive back to Sibiu and spend the last night in town.

Day 6: Home flight

Because of the multiculturalism of the city, there is a possibility after breakfast to take part at several church services as: in the Protestant, Catholic or Orthodox Church.
You can say goodbye to Sibiu with a short walk through the Christmas market.


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