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Moldova is the North-Eastern Romanian landscape that stretches from the shed of the Eastern Carpathians to the Prut River and in the south to the Danube in Galaţi. Nature lovers and sports enthusiasts will be attracted to the National Park Ceahlău, with its spectacular rocky peaks, or in the Bicaz gorge. As a highlight of the region of Moldova, the largest city, Iaşi, and of course, the famous medieval monasteries can be mentioned. They are also the reason for which visitors from around the world come to this somewhat remote area – the late medieval monasteries of Moldova, painted on the outside as well, are culturally and historically unique and therefore declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Traditional and modern at the same time, Romania’s largest city in the northeast, the former capital of the proud Principality of Moldavia, shows itself in its whole pride. Industrial, scientific and commercial centre of the border region to the Republic of Moldova, Iaşi is definitely, as well, a cultural metropolis of the country.


Iaşi was the last capital of the province of Moldova and is often referred to as a real cultural capital of Romania.


As a university centre and town that is home to numerous monuments, museums and important cultural sites, Iaşi impresses its visitors by the many churches, too. In the immediate surroundings there is an absolute masterpiece of the Romanian Orthodox architecture: The Church Trei Ierarhi (Church of the Three Hierarchs) was built in 1635-1639. Its walls are entirely decorated with stucco and were once covered with a thin gold foil. The Metropolitan Church of Moldova, built in 1887, is the “mother of all Moldavian churches” is. No matter in which direction you look in this city, you can see a bell tower. The most beautiful ones: Cetatuia, Frumoasa or Galata. The neo-gothic Palace of Culture is home to four of the most important museums: the Fine Arts Museum, the History Museum, the Museum of Ethnography and the Museum of Technology.


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