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Transilvanian Brunch

Monthly culinary event

Since 2008 from April until September – on the last Saturday of the month takes place the “Transilvanian Brunch”. This event always takes place in another Transylvanian village. The remarkable thing is that the inhabitants of the respective villages to be involved in the organization of the event. It’s not just about the delicious home cooking, but also to see the sights of the village, which will be presented on this occasion. The aim is to make the area attractive again and promoted.


This year (2018) the events take place on the following days:


April 28. – Meșendorf / Meschendorf – Sibiu County

May 26. – Bradu/ Gierelsau – Sibiu County 
June 30. Juni – Chirpăr / Kirchberg – Sibiu County
July 28.- Hosman / Holzmengen – Sibiu County
August 25. – Săcădate / Sakadat – Sibiu County
September 29. – Apold Mureș/ Trappold  – Mureş County



Each brunch can be connected to another trip. We will make this a suitable offer.

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